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Updated: Feb 6, 2020

Hello KidzGo families😍. On Nov 25th we will be starting our Christmas Hashtag event!🎄 All you have to do is post a picture of our tree to your FB/IG with the tags #kidzgo, #christmas and #yyc! Event will end on Dec 25th and prize winner will be announced on Dec 27th!! The more likes and share the better chance to win!! Winners will be announced Dec 27th! Along with our new Hashtag event we are also offering 50% off Hot dog or French fries just for showing us the photo you posted of our Christmas tree! ----------------- [Event 1] Hashtag Event Take a photo, Get a gift from Santa!

(Step 1) Take a photo at KidzGo tree. (Step 2) Post with hashtag #kidzgo, #christmas and #yyc on your FB/IG. (Step 3) Follow KidzGo FB/IG (Step 4) Get a Prize! announcing winner on Dec 27th. 🎁 $100 KidzGo Gift Card for 1 / $50 KidzGo Gift Card for 2 / $25 KidzGo Gift Card for 4 . *Your photo is subject to use for our advertising. *We will contact winners via DM. *More shares and more likes will help give a better chance to win. ----------------- [Event 2] Hot dog or French fries 50% OFF Show your photo at our Christmas tree to our staff, you will get 50% discount hot dog or french fries!! . *Your photo is subject to use for our advertising. *Provide 50% discount hot dog or french fries only one per post. -----------------

Weather isn't too great outside but it is always sunny at KidzGo :)

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