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Updated: Nov 30, 2019

KidzGo's Event for November🌺 Enjoy our event for kids, see you at KidzGo! ❤️ . ● MONDAY : ☕️ Free coffee until 12pm (brewed coffee only) ● TUESDAY : 🎟 $2 off admission from 9am to 7pm ● WEDNESDAY : 🎟 50% off admission from 9am to 11am ● MON-THURS : 🎟 50% off admission from 7pm to closing. ● FRIDAY : 💕 Parent's date night $29.95+GST (Including admission, snack and juice box / Drop off 5pm-5:50pm, Pick up 8pm-8:30pm / Children must be potty trained / We are offering this offer on Mon-Fri / Please register at least 1 day before drop off) ● SATURDAY&SUNDAY : 🐻 Mascot coming! ------------- ● (NEW) REMEMBRANCE DAY COLORING : 🎨 9 am to 7 on 1st Nov to 11th Nov except weekend. All of the great Remembrance Day colorings will be displayed on the KidzGo walls by 11th for our first ever Remembrance event and you are able to bring them home as well. ● (NEW) FREE ADMISSION FOR VETERAN'S FAMILY : 🌺Lest we forget, you will always be remembered. We offer free admission for Veteran's family on 11th Nov. ● (NEW) BLACK FRIDAY : 🛍 Our limited 10-Pass will be on sale only Nov 29th. We are only selling a limited amount and there is a limit of 2 packs per family. These pack can be used monday to sunday!! ● (NEW) CHRISTMAS PHOTO ZONE : 🎄We will offer photo booth for christmas from 25th Nov to 31st Dec! Take a photo at Christmas photo zone. It' free! (not included printing) ● (NEW ARRIVAL) MASSAGE CHAIR : 🧖‍♀️ Massage chair is coming in Nov. Take a relaxing when your kids play! ● (NEW ARRIVAL) BUILDING BLOCKS : 🤗 Large building blocks is coming soon! ● (NOTICE) DEEP CLEANING DAY : 🧹 Every 1st&3rd Wednesday / After closing.

. . * Weekday promotion cannot be combined with any other discounts or offers. * The offer is not valid on holidays. * The offer is subject to restrictions and change without notice.

***Weather isn't too great outside but it is always sunny at KidzGo***

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