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Happy family day😍 Family, where life begins and love never ends. 💕 We have very special thank to KidzGo family, all your continuous support and encouragement Made us strong and motivated team and filled our play with laughter and pleasure, smile, happiness. 😘 Hopefully, have a wonderful day with your precious family and we are sending the all the best wish to all of you. Amazing KidzGo families deserve more than just thank you. Just like you! We want to offer Prize Draw Event. 🥳 You have a chance to win many fun prizes.🎁 Don't miss out on this fun event! head down to KidzGo!


👉 Visit in person KidzGo

👉 Put your name and phone number into the application box when you access the entrance

👉 Will announce the winners on the website on Feb 21st and text you for picking prize up instructions.

🙌 Good luck, everyone!!!


🏆 1st place $200 Gift Card

🏆 2nd place 10 Pass

🏆 3rd place 10 Pass

🏆 4th place $50 Gift Card

🏆 5th place $50 Gift Card


🌥Weather isn't too great outside but it is always sunny at KidzGo🌞

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