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Congratulations, you’ve won prize in our ‘Family Day Prize Draw’ contest! 🥳 Thank you so much for KidzGo customers to participate our draw event. We will contact to winners in period time this weekend. Thank you again. 😍


🏆 1st place $200 Gift Card: Diana Dxxxx

🏆 2nd place 10 Pass: Mia Oxxxx

🏆 3rd place 10 Pass: Rochel Rxxxx

🏆 4th place $50 Gift Card: Anna Mxxxx

🏆 5th place $50 Gift Card: Isabella Bxxxx

*No purchase necessary.

*Only one of each prize is available.

*All prize claims must be redeemed by Mar 20th.

*To redeem, please visit KidzGo and show your ID Card to staff.


🌥Weather isn't too great outside but it is always sunny at KidzGo🌞

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